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Last Updated : 18 April (1998)
Established : 23 April (1996)

Thanks for coming to my Home Page "JEF&Ichihara".
This Page containes various information about our Ichihara City and also containes information of JEF United Ichihara which is the professional soccer team based on our City. But, for a while, I am going to concentrate to inform you only about Ichihara City.
Ichihara City is located in Chiba Prefecture and about 40 km away from Tokyo, looking toward the Tokyo Bay. Along the coast, there are a lot of plants of petro-chemical industries. On the other hand, inland area is rather mountainous.
The population of our City is about 280 thousand. However, I feel that there seems to be a kind of "conflict" between new citizens and old citizens. One of the reason, I think, is that so-called strangers moved from big City like Tokyo are increasing rapidly, and so-called natives seem to have troubles with becoming familiar with each other.
My purpose to make this Home Page is that this Page may be useful for many people outside of this City to become knowing more about Ichihara City, and wishing that this Page can be helpful to melt away such "conflict".

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